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A Taste of Traditional Recipe

Our business starts growing in the beginning of 2003. It was a blessing that our business thrived as the whole world is suffering from the economic crisis. As demand for our products increases, we open our 1st manufacturing centre at 52 International Road #03-06 on 30th November 2008. This further increases our business and takes our product to greater heights.

After seeing our Rempeyek delicacies line becoming very popular, we expended our business model further by creating our new brand of sambal belacan. This sambal has since been gaining popularity and we have marketed this product to the whole of Singapore. Since than, we have added even more, 3 types of sambal making a total of 8 types of sambal we are currently producing. We seek to always improve and expand our business in anyway possible to make Wahyu Brand a success. That is why we have decided to join the FSSC 22000 to even further our standings in the business. We believe that with the ISO 22000 Wahyu Brand will have increase in it’s reputation as the FSSC 22000 comprises of many respectable brands and it will be an honor to be included too.

Our business maintain a steady 15-20% growth in production. This enables us to attract interests from other companies in Singapore. Currently, we are working on introducing our product range to the international market. We have a highly dedicated team that has been working on this aspect of our Business Internationalisation Plan while we maintain our local business growth and demand for our products. We would also like to extend our business network and form partnerships with business corporations, food distributors and organisations with the best interest of our business.


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