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Wahyu Brand - Sambal, Instant Pastes and Rempeyek made in Singapore!

MUIS Halal Certified

We are a halal-certified manufacturer under Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS). Our certification is widely recognized around the world because of stringent requirements. All our products(e.g. Sambal Belacan Power, Instant Rendang Paste and Rempeyek Peanuts) are covered by MUIS Product Scheme.

Muslim Owned

We are proud to say that Wahyu Brand is 100% muslim-owned and made in Singapore. Our spicy sambal, instant easy-to-use pastes and crispy rempeyek has satisfied the tastebuds of Singaporeans for the past 12 years!

Food Safety Certified

By utilizing ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System, we ensure that all products that goes through our production and distribution are safe to consume for our customers. Our consumers can enjoy their sambal belacan with ease of mind!

Our Customers
Our Story
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A Taste of Traditional Recipe

Our business starts growing in the beginning of 2003. It was a blessing that our business thrived as the whole world is suffering from the economic crisis. As demand for our products increases, we open our 1st manufacturing centre at 52 International Road #03-06 on 30th November 2008. This further increases our business and takes our product to greater heights.

After seeing our Rempeyek delicacies line becoming very popular, we expended our business model further by creating our new brand of sambal belacan. This sambal has since been gaining popularity and we have marketed this product to the whole of Singapore. Since than, we have added even more, 3 types of sambal making a total of 8 types of sambal we are currently producing. We seek to always improve and expand our business in anyway possible to make Wahyu Brand a success. That is why we have decided to join the ISO 22000 to even further our standings in the business. We believe that with the ISO 22000 Wahyu Brand will have increase in it’s reputation as the ISO 22000 comprises of many respectable brands and it will be an honor to be included too.

Our business maintain a steady 15-20% growth in production. This enables us to attract interests from other companies in Singapore. Currently, we are working on introducing our product range to the international market. We have a highly dedicated team that has been working on this aspect of our Business Internationalisation Plan while we maintain our local business growth and demand for our products. We would also like to extend our business network and form partnerships with business corporations, food distributors and organisations with the best interest of our business.


Our special blend of sambal will make you definitely come back for more!

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Sambal Belacan Powerclose

A Malay style sambal. Fresh chillis are pounded together with toasted shrimp paste(belacan) in a stone mortar to which sugar and lime juice are added. Originally, limau kasturi/calamansi lime. It can be eaten with cucumbers or ulam(leafy herbs) in a meal of rice and other dishes. Wahyu Brand has mastered the taste of the Sambal Belacan that we produce and it is of exceptional quality and taste that everyone enjoys. Power!

Ayam Penyet

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Sambal Ayam Penyek Powerclose

Wahyu Brand have improvised and created its own great tasting Sambal for the Ayam Penyet Recipe. Ayam Penyet is a deep fried pressed fried chicken indonesian recipe that is receiving a great liking worldwide. One of the main key ingredients required to finish this recipe is the Sambal Ayam Penyet. Wahyu Brand has created its own great tasting Sambal Ayam Penyet to save you the hassle of figuring out such complex chilli paste.


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Sambal Ijoclose

Wahyu Brand has made its very own samba ijo and is gaining popularity as many more Indonesian Padang cuisine are being introduced in Singapore and the rest of the world. This sambal will definitely increase the spicyness to your dish. Sambal Ijo can also be added to steamed white rice and petai (parkia speciosa), very popular among the Singapore locals. Wahyu Brand has mastered the taste of Sambal Ijo, great quality which everyone loves.

Otak Udang

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Sambal Otak Udangclose

Special sambal with added otak udang is a traditional recipe from Indonesia that is gaining popularity in Singapore. Good with fried chicken/seafood, and an alternative to the usual Sambal Ayam Penyet. Many that has tasted this sambal got hooked and never went back to the other sambals out there.


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Sambal Asamclose

A common Indonesian style of sambal. Similar to the Malaysian belacan, but with a stronger flavor, more tangy and fermented. It is made with a combination of Asam, red and green peppers, terasi, sugar, salt, lemon and lime juice. Wahyu Brand has improved this recipe and it is well enjoyed by everyone. Surprisingly, the Sambal Asam is well loved by the western expat community.


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Sambal Beladoclose

Minangkabau style sambal. Chilli pepper or green chilli is blended together with garlic, shallot, red or green tomato, salt and lemon or lime juice, then sauteed with oil. Wahyu Brand has increasing demand in its Sambal Belado as our taste is very original and unique!


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Sambal Tumisclose

Chilli fried with belacan shrimp paste, onions, garlic, tamarind juice. "Tumis" means stir-fry and often the cooking oil is re-mixed with the sambal to enhance the flavor. The sambal can be easily mixed with other simple ingredients to produce dishes such as sambal kangkong, sambal sotong, sambal udang, sambal telur and more. You will be surprised if you the numerous amount of restaurants in Singapore using our sambal to be able to consistently deliver their customer high quality foods.


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Sambal Kicapclose

A type of sambal dipping sauce of kecap manis (sweet soy sauce) with sliced chilli, tomato and shallot, very popular dipping sauce for sate kambing (goat meat satay), ikan bakar (grilled fish/seafood) and more. The Singapore community enjoys adding this to their soup noodles i.e Mee Soto and more. Wahyu Brand has made its own version of this recipe and it is now in a huge number of households and restaurants.

Instant Paste

Our paste are made with the best and freshest ingredients and carefully formulated to ensure that customers get to experience the authentic taste of traditional food at the comfort of their own kitchen with ease!

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Ayam Masak Merah

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Ayam Masak Merah Pasteclose

Wahyu Brand has created a finger licking Paste Ayam Masak Merah that you can use with multiple dishes. The perfect time to use this paste would be to cook the popular and very popular in Malay weddings, Ayam Masak Merah. Due to the awe inspiring taste of our paste, many households and restaurants has conjured up many fusion dishes. Enjoy this malay wedding food at the comfort of your own home.

Asam Pedas

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Asam Pedas Pasteclose

“Pedas”, a Malay word for spicy is one word to describe this dish. Well known in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, this dish will be a definite favourite for all spicy food lovers out there. With Wahyu Brand, it only takes one about 10 minutes for this dish to be served – fresh.

Lemak Cili Padi

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Lemak Cili Padi Pasteclose

This dish is a popular malay dish and it consists of chicken and vegetables! It has a sweet and spicy taste to it hence it will be loved by spicy food lovers! It can be easily prepared with Wahyu Brand’s Lemak Cili Padi paste simply by putting in the paste and 1kg chicken, cooked until tendered. Add in 500 ml of coconut milk, simmer until the gravy thicken and it is ready to be served with steamed white rice.


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Lodeh Pasteclose

Sayur lodeh is a malay vegetable curry that goes well with any malay rice meal. With Wahyu Brand, one does not need to worry about forgetting to put in any ingredients. Just add in the Lodeh paste and beef, cooked until boiled and add in coconut milk. Various ingredients can be added to add up the variety.


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Bumbu Pecel Pasteclose

Bumbu pecel – an Indonesian dish often served with fried tempeh, steamed rice and satay gravy. Spicy is one word to describe it with its main ingredient being chilli. With Wahyu Brand, it gets a lot easier to cook and serve this dish. Simply boil the vegetables and tauhu tempeh and mix it with the Bumbu Pecel paste into 200ml of hot water. It will be then ready to be served!


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Rawon Pasteclose

Originated from Surabaya, Indonesia, this dish is mainly eaten with rice. Beef or mutton – your choice. It uses Kluwak (black nuts) as the main spice which gives the strong nutty flavour and dark colour to the soup. To prepare this delicious dish, simply put in Wahyu Brand’s Rawon paste and beef/mutton until tendered with 1200ml of water!


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Sambal Tumisclose

A Singapore favourite! Beef, chicken or mutton rendang. Not only is this dish popular among the malay community but also the non-malay communities. A sweet, spicy taste, this dish can be served by putting in the Wahyu Rendang paste with either chicken, mutton or beef and not lastly coconut milk. Cooking rendang will now be much easier with Wahyu Brand.

Sambal Goreng

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Sambal Goreng Pasteclose

Sambal goreng is a Singapore/Malaysia vegetarian dish and is made of soya bean cake, long beans and spices. This delicious dish is also served with steamed white rice. With Wahyu Brand, cooking sambal goreng will never be a problem. Just add the Sambal Goreng paste, beef and other ingredients like vegetables and cook until tender. Add in red chilli and coconut milk and mix it well for the dish to be served!


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Soto Pasteclose

Mee soto is a popular malay noodle dish which can be commonly found in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. “Mee” means noodle while “soto” refer to Indonesian soup. With Wahyu Brand, one will only need to add the paste in 1000ml of boiled water and don’t forget to add chicken, egg and vegetables with it! To spice up the taste of mee soto, add in Wahyu Brand’s very own sambal kicap!


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Urab Pasteclose

One for the vegetable lovers! It has a sweet and spicy taste with shredded coconut and chilli being the main ingredients. Best served with tauge and winged beans! This dish can be easily prepared by simply putting in Wahyu Brand’s Urab paste and mix with vegetables. Serve the dish with steamed white rice!


This awesome snack has been in the hearts of the locals in South East Asia since the 19th Century. Our rempeyek uses ingredients from a traditional recipe that has been passed down from past generations from the island of Java, and it has successfully charmed the Singaporeans tastebuds since our humble beginning.

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Rempeyek Peanutclose

Rempeyek is one of the few kerupuk (cracker) variants that are made from wheat flour. The original rempeyek recipe usually uses peanuts and anchovies. Experience has taught me that good rempeyek seems to be difficult to make but still ours is the best.


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Rempeyek Tumpiclose

Rempeyek Tumpi (Green Beans) is another version of the rempeyek but instead of using peanuts, it uses the green bean (kacang hijau).


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Rempeyek Spinachclose

Rempeyek Bayam (Spinach) is a much healthier alternative to the traditional ones. The spinach adds a very light crunch to the cracker that is well loved by the Malay commnunity in South East Asia.


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Rempeyek Cashewclose

Rempeyek Cashew is another version with cashew nuts instead of peanuts which makes it even more nicer, fuller and delicious. For people who loves a rounder nuttier taste and crispy feeling, rempeyek gajus is definitely a must buy! Our best seller rempeyek in Singapore.